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The Patient Management Platform for Digital Health

Provide a best-in-class digital patient experience with a solution your care team and developers will love

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Multiple Channels

Everything You Need in One Place

Omnichannel communications, forms, files, team chat, tasks, automations, and more. Stay focused by getting all your work done in a single place and maintain a comprehensive view of each patient. Developer-friendly options allow you to extend Tellescope to meet your exact needs.

Adaptable to Your Workflows

Whether you're starting simple or pioneering a new care delivery model, Tellescope is flexible enough to meet your needs. With our Journeys and Automations, you can define workflows around your specific patients, avoiding redundant or manual work. As your business grows and changes over time, it's easy to modify Tellescope to continue to meet the demands of new workflows.

Multiple Channels
Multiple Channels

Built-in Collaboration

We enable multiple members of your care team to help collaborate, coordinate, and deliver personalized patient care. Loop your team into patient communications, assign tasks, and track care journey progress all in one place. Team members can communicate directly in Tellescope to help stay focused and ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

Developer-Friendly Integrations

Seamlessly integrate new and scalable workflows within your existing systems or with your patient app. Our APIs, SDKs, and React Components save your team months of development with the flexibility to meet your exact design and branding needs.

1const example_SDK_usage = async () => {
2  // initialize SDK and authenticate a user
3  const sdk = new Session()
4  await sdk.authenticate("user-email", 'user-password')
6  // create a record, using Enduser model as example
7  const enduser = await sdk.api.endusers.createOne({ email: "" })
9  // update an existing record
10  await sdk.api.endusers.updateOne(, { phone: "+15555555555" })
12  // fetch a record by id, or a list of recent records
13  const existingEnduser: Enduser = await sdk.api.endusers.getOne(  
14  const existingEndusers: Enduser[] = await sdk.api.endusers.getSome({ limit: 5, lastId: })  
16  // delete an individual record
17  await sdk.api.endusers.deleteOne(

Secure Omnichannel Communications


Frequently Asked Questions

No, Tellescope is completely whitelabled. We let you design your patient-facing app and send secure messages, SMS, email, and conduct video visits without Tellescope branding.
Tellescope is flexible enough to support many use cases in healthcare, and can be quickly customized to fit your company's use case. We already support customers providing a variety of care, including coaching, mental healthcare, telemedicine, and chronic care management. If you're interested in learning how Tellescope can support your business, feel free to contact us!
By CSV upload or through our API.
You can integrate directly with Tellescope by using our API. We also offer a JavaScript SDK and React components that make integration even easier.
Tellescope is built securely on Amazon Web Services. You can read more about the security of AWS here.