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The Must Join Digital Health Communities for 2022

Rather than having to find new digital health communities organically, Tellescope has put together a comprehensive list of great groups and why you should join them.

By Derek Strauss (COO)
July 8, 2022
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Tellescope Digital Health Communities

Finding a community can help foster a sense of belonging, spark new ideas, and help forge great relationships.

However, finding great Digital Health communities, especially new ones, isn't always easy.

I've seen this firsthand as a founder of Tellescope, a CRM that helps digital health startups manage their patients.

I’ve been fortunate enough through referrals and hours of Google searching to have joined a number of great communities but haven’t been able to find a single source that references them in one place.

To help other Digital Health entrepreneurs and enthusiasts, we’ve put together a list outlining a number of great communities, their focus, member demographics, and why you should join.

Please note Tellescope does not have any affiliation with any of these communities and have not received anything to feature them,

We hope you enjoy it!

Communities in Alphabetical Order:


Code RX

Community Focus: Pharma, Healthcare, Technology

Overview: A collective of pharmacists and other healthcare professionals who have a skill set in tech and apply it towards building useful things.

Number of Members: 300+

Why you should join: CodeRx provides a nice blend of members with clinical and technical experience. For people looking to learn a new skill, are interested in tech, or transition from a traditional role in Pharma and Healthcare to PharmaTech or HealthTech, there are plenty of resources and people who are willing to help.


Digital Health LinkedIn

Digital Health LinkedIn Group:

(Over 100k members)

Community Focus: Advance knowledge and build relationships between people interested in digital health

Overview: The Digital Health group’s mission is to advance knowledge and build relationships between people interested in digital health and who are working to create this new era.

Number of Members: 100k+

Why you should join: Learn more about digital health, get frequent updates from Paul Sonnier(group founder and digital health insider), and have access to a large pool of people interested in the space.

Digital Medicine Society

Digital Medicine Society (DiMe):

Community Focus: Research, Clinical, and Education

Overview: DiMe is a professional society for the digital medicine community. They provide a professional home to a wide range of individuals, from interested students and recent graduates to emerging leaders in the field all of which are working to advance the field of digital medicine to optimize health.

Number of Members: 2,000+

Why you should join: If you want to engage in collaborative research, lively discourse, and purposeful networking as we learn from one another and build the future of digital medicine.

Design for Healthcare

Design for Healthcare

Community Focus: UX, UI, Building Healthcare Products

Overview: Their group exists to aid members in building community, developing skills, and sharing common experiences around using design to address challenges that exist in the healthcare industry.

Number of Members: 500+

Why you should join: If you’re a design practitioner working in the healthcare industry who is interested in coming together to learn and share how design can be used to improve healthcare.

Healthcare Homies

Healthcare Homies

Community Focus: HealthTech, Startups, Digital Health, Networking

Overview: Community for healthtech founders, investors, and advisors

Number of Members: 300+

Why you should join: In addition to connecting with people online through their Slack Community, Healthcare Homies' members are very active about scheduling and sharing in-person healthcare networking events all across the U.S.

HealthTech Founders

HealthTech Founders

Community Focus: HealthTech, Startups, Digital Health

Overview: Community for healthtech founders, investors, advisors, etc

Number of Members: 300+

Why you should join: If you’re a founder, investor, working on a startup, or just interested in the digital health space. They’re working on creating programs that will match founders and investors for 1:1 and Group mentoring programs, with the goal of helping to build relationships and provide earnest and constructive feedback and education on both sides of the table.

HealthTech PM Mastermind

Health-Tech PM Mastermind

Community Focus: Product professionals in health-tech

Overview: Weekly session for PMs in Health-Tech to gather, share their challenges, and get help from each other.

Number of Members: 100+

Why you should join: PMs, especially in healthcare, have it tough. Join a Mastermind group to learn, commiserate, and share.

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HealthTech Nerds

Health Tech Nerds

Community Focus: All things HealthTech (it really is)

Overview: Health Tech Nerds is the trusted perspective on all things health tech. Their content and community help you stay ahead of the news and trends in the industry.

Number of Members: 1,500+

Why you should join: If you’re into Healthtech, looking for very high-quality conversations, and to connect with experts, builders, and enthusiasts in the space. Their private slack community (well worth the $10 /mo IMO) is for folks to discuss news, trade notes, and network to support each other. Their community also includes moderated discussion channels, a member directory, knowledge databases, job postings, exclusive events/networking, and open office hours.

Mental Health Startup Community

Mental Health Startup Community by What If Ventures

Community Focus: Mental Health, Startups

Overview: Their Slack community was created to improve connectivity around the mental health startup and to help facilitate conversation for those working in the space.

Number of Members: 3,000+

Why you should join: If you’re building a mental health startup, looking to hire, find jobs, share news, look for funding, meet others who care about what you're passionate about, and fund support with like-minded peers.

Out-of-Pocket Health

Out-of-Pocket Slack Community:

Community Focus: Improving knowledge of healthcare

Overview: Out-of-Pocket’s community helps connect people in healthcare and helps them continue learning from each other using structured assignments and discussion. You must apply to join their private Slack Community ($20 / mo).

Number of Members: 100+

Why you should join: If you’re looking for a small to medium-sized group with high-quality discussions and an increased level of vetting for community members. Their criteria to join are having a broad knowledge of healthcare trends, specific technical knowledge, being open-minded, and being an active community member. Participation is required through short written assignments and occasional events. Added bonus, Nikhil makes good memes, is very knowledgeable in the space, and makes healthcare easier to understand.

Redox Engine

Redox Slack Community

Community Focus: EHR, Healthcare Developers, Redox, Healthcare Interoperability

Overview: Join other Redox users to discuss connecting and developing with the Redox API

Number of Members: 3,500+

Why you should join: If you’re using Redox, a healthcare developer, or are focused on EHR interoperability.

Healthcare Club

The Healthcare Club New York

Community Focus: NYC, HealthTech, Digital Health

Overview: The Healthcare Club is a non-profit organization comprised of professionals in the New York City area who work in or are interested in healthcare. We meet every 1-2 months for talks, informal networking gatherings, and other content-driven events.

Number of Members: 1,500+

Why you should join: If you’re looking to connect with other professionals working in healthcare that are based or have an affiliation with New York City.



Community Focus: Empowering Women Entrepreneurs in Healthcare

Overview: Theia is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to inspiring and empowering the next generation of women entrepreneurs and investors in healthcare. Their community welcomes young professionals, entrepreneurs, and investors.

Number of Members: 200+

Why you should join: Their community hopes to shed light on different aspects of healthcare and strategies for entering the fray of innovation, increase the visibility of female entrepreneurs and investors in healthcare, and create a network where women support women and help them shine.

What Digital Health communities are we missing?

This list is comprised of communities that don’t require their prospective members to be a part of their organization such as Techstars and StartupHealth which also boast great Digital Health communities.

If we’re missing any Digital Health communities that should be included or if you’re building a Digital Health startup, we’d love to hear from you. Reach out to us at!

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Originally published: February 8, 2022
Last updated: July 8, 2022