How Tellescope Improved Fella Health's Operational Efficiency

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Derek Strauss (COO)
May 3, 2024
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Year Founded: 2021

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA


What is Fella Health:

Proven Weight Loss for Busy Men who want better health.

Fella was created to provide busy men with science-backed treatments that produce real results, not gimmicks.

Their system addresses the root causes using proven medications and coaching.


What challenges was Fella Health facing prior to using Tellescope?

It was time-consuming and inefficient to get a good understanding of where a patient was at in their program. Because of this, their operations relied on manual tracking which made it prone to losing patients in daily ops tasks.

Overall, their workflow consisted of many manual steps which didn’t maximize their team’s ability to serve patients.

Key Challenges:

  • To get the complete context of a patient, Fella had to go between multiple platforms such as Gmail, Google Sheets, EHR, or Openphone to answer in order to answer questions
  • How they handled communications and created and assigned tickets was very manual
  • The existing systems lacked the ability to automate many of their manual processes


When Fella was evaluating CRM they were looking for the following:

Core CRM:

  1. Shared Inboxes: all in one place for SMS/Call/Email, so they wouldn’t have to switch between tabs
  2. AI-based Suggestions: Being able to have a knowledge base and receive suggested replies for human-in-the-loop to approve
  3. Automation: Workflow and event-based triggers
  4. API-first and Native Integrations: Offering out-of-the-box integration with many of their tools and the ability to easily integrate with other apps with an API to automate current processes
  5. Ticketing: Ticketing system for queries from customers, so can tag tickets to different care team members

Works well with EHR:

  1. Centralized File Storage: Ability to store all patient files in one place instead of separated by EHR and CRM
  2. Integration with EHR: Ease of integration with their existing EHR

Why Fella Chose Tellescope?

“Being a startup, Tellescope puts its customers first to make sure all of their needs are met. Compared to SalesForce, which charges for customizations needed, Tellescope feels like a design partner wherein they continue to optimize the platform to be the best CRM platform for Fella!” - Nacho Santos, Operations

How long did it take to go live with Tellescope?

About 50 days

What has been the impact of using Tellescope?

1. They don’t miss anything for patients.

  • With automations, Fella can make sure that if any patient comes into their system, they have tickets and automated workflows for them

2. Seamless context understanding

  • They can see all communication in one place in their patient timeline and inbox view and no longer need to hop between multiple platforms

3. Tellescope has been very collaborative with Fella's engineering team to help suggest the optimal way of utilizing its product and certain features.

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Originally published: January 8, 2024
Last updated: May 3, 2024