How Tellescope Helped Ruth Health More Efficiently Manage Patient Communications

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Derek Strauss (COO)
October 19, 2023
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Year Founded: 2020

Headquarters: New York and Los Angeles


What is Ruth Health?

Ruth Health partners with women on their journey through pregnancy and beyond. Their mission is to make quality maternal health care accessible for everybody nationwide and deliver justice and joy. Ruth does this by giving women access to expert doulas, lactation consultants, and pelvic floor therapists.


What challenge was Ruth Health facing?

Ruth’s services like their Ask a Doula offering provide clients with unlimited communication access, primarily over channels like SMS. 

However, before Tellescope, to provide this type of experience Ruth was using a piece-mealed solution consisting of Homegrown Tools, Google Workspace for e-mail, and an EMR which had limited SMS capability.

Key Challenges:

  • Became difficult for their practitioners to keep track of all messages across different channels
  • Limited their ability to automate messages because their tools for e-mail and SMS weren’t integrated.
  • Hard to maintain many homegrown tools as the business grows


Since Ruth’s business relies on being able to facilitate frequent and personalized communication, they needed a solution that allowed them to manage different communication channels in one place and automate manual tasks.

Additionally, because they had already built some of their own technology and wanted to continue using their Hub, they needed a solution that was API-first and easy to integrate.

Why Ruth Chose Tellescope?

In the words of Kimberly, their Chief Experience Officer

"I’m already feeling so much relief when our team is having conversations about growth since our systems will be organized with your platform." - Kimberly M. (Chief Experience Officer)

With Tellescope, their team would be able to manage both Email and SMS communication in one place, see a record of forms and notes submitted, and easily leverage phone calls, chat, and video conferencing if they chose to later.

Additionally, with Tellescope’s automation builder, Ruth’s would be able to automatically send personalized check-ins and follow-ups to save their team time.

Impact of using Tellescope

“Using Tellescope has made it so much easier to communicate with multiple patients at a time. Our doulas are able to send emails, chat, and text message our clients all in one app, on one screen!” - Raye Parris, Lead Doula at Ruth Health

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Originally published: September 27, 2023
Last updated: October 19, 2023