How Eve Wellness Decided on Tellescope

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October 19, 2023
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What is Eve Wellness?

Eve Wellness offers quick and convenient breast cancer screenings using FDA-approved ultrasound breast imaging technology, all within a soothing, spa-like environment.


What challenge was Eve facing? 

Eve wanted to provide a seamless digital patient experience that felt warm, modern, and less medical, without having to purchase and combine multiple tools or build their own platform.

  • Limited customization and control over building a unique patient journey. Eve was forced into following a typical hospital-like appointment journey or face doing and tracking a lot of things manually.
  • Limited customization of the look and feel of patient-facing items - emails, text messages, portals, and forms felt “very medical”.
  • Their EHR wasn’t flexible enough to provide the patient experience they desired

Evaluation Process:

When Eve was evaluating vendors what did they notice?

“There are EHR systems and there are CRM systems and we had to have a system that had elements of both” - Rich B., CEO

  • A lot of EHR systems are too focused on insurance and billing and don’t provide the flexibility and customization they wanted for their patients.
  • A lot of CRM systems that could provide the desired experience weren’t HIPAA-compliant. Of those that were, costs were prohibitive to Eve.
  • The majority of platforms forced patients to use a patient portal for everything (Eve wanted to spare their patients from having to remember yet another portal password; they wanted the process to be as smooth as possible).

What made Tellescope stand out?

“We could replace a lot of individual tools with Tellescope - EHR, CRM, marketing automation and email platform, even aspects of an analytics platform.” - Cveta M., Head of Operations and People

  • Tellescope’s system enabled Eve to configure and customize their patient experience exactly how they wanted to
  • The team was very collaborative with Eve throughout the evaluation process and cared about the success of Eve

Using Tellescope:

How long did it take to migrate and launch with Tellescope?

About 2 weeks

How has Tellescope impacted Eve’s patient experience?

  • More engaging: Can communicate with patients in whichever way the patient chooses; able to deliver patient journeys and beautiful, warm communications which were more representative of Eve’s character as compared to EHRs. All of this while not adding burden to staff.
  • Better insight: Able to better understand what’s happening at each step of the patient journey so they can make improvements, remove barriers, or optimize what’s working.
  • More dependable: Can count on the system to just work. Able to more easily obtain the full context of a patient’s visit without having to click into multiple areas - resulting in a better experience for everyone.
  • More “Eve”: From the language they used in messaging, to the overall journey they were able to build for their patients, using Tellescope allowed Eve to be more human, and more like themselves.

How has Tellescope impacted your clinician and front-office experience:

  • Significantly less manual work: Can focus on delivering the experience. For example, previously they had to send certain communications manually because their EHR didn’t let them automate certain messages and stages of the journey. With Tellescope they were able to set up automated workflows to automatically send out personalized messages at different points of Eve’s unique patient journey.
  • Improved patient relationships outside of the clinic: Eve was thrilled to be able to provide a warm and caring experience while patients were in the clinic. However, Eve felt that with their previous systems, they could not deliver this type of experience outside of having face-to-face time with patients. With Tellescope, Eve is able to build a more customized patient journey, warmer communications, and make it easy for both patients and staff to communicate more naturally outside of the clinic.
  • Data-driven decisions: From a non-clinical operations standpoint, Tellescope has given them more insight to make better decisions about our service.
  • Improved team satisfaction: The team is able to focus on providing a better experience and isn’t having to troubleshoot their EHR. It also allows them to spend time on other activities like business development.

What has it been like working with the Tellescope team?

  • Fast: Tellescope has been very quick to action things. Whether it was rolling out a new feature, helping set up a specific flow, or getting together to talk ideas through - Tellescope was very quick to act.
  • Communicative: Eve’s never had to chase Tellescope for anything. Tellescope’s always the first to reach out and provide an update.
  • Invested in Eve’s success, flexible and supportive: Tellescope is not a passive vendor. Cveta said, “ If I sounded confused, they talked things through with me to make sure we’re always at 100% alignment. it’s been so easy to ask questions and get answers in the ways that I would receive them best.”
  • Fun: “If you were sitting in our meetings, you’d forget it’s a work meeting, and yet, so much got accomplished. The energy was awesome. You could just tell that the Tellescope team loves their job and find meaning in delivering excellent customer care.”

“As an operator, I put conscious effort into ensuring my team and I are true partners to our vendors. And I ask for that same “partnership” mentality from any vendor we select. I’ve been very lucky to have worked with some truly incredible people and teams, and Tellescope has been right up there for me. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with them.” - Cveta M., Head of Operations and People

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Originally published: March 14, 2023
Last updated: October 19, 2023