Deliver a Personalized Patient Experience at Any Scale

Provide a modern patient experience and double your team's productivity with centralized patient communications, intake, scheduling, CRM, and more

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Patient Experience:

Exceed Patient Expectations

Deliver a modern experience with every digital communication option, forms, self-scheduling, and more.

Front Office Staff:

Centralize and Automate Patient Management

Save hours each week by letting staff manage your patient experience in one place and creating custom automations.

Clinical Teams:

Integrate with your Clinical Team's tools

Instead of jumping between platforms, Tellescope integrates with your EHR and other existing tools.

Featured EHR Integrations

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elation health emr

Reach out for details on other integrations

The Digital Patient Journey



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Reach and convert prospective patients by creating intake forms and automated marketing campaigns. Provide a contact center to easily manage incoming questions.



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Coordinate patient onboarding by sending instructions, online forms, self-scheduling links, and relevant reminders.


Ongoing Care

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Automate ongoing check-ins, identify which patients need attention, and provide omnichannel support from a shared inbox.

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Virtual Care

Find out how Ruth Health
leverages Tellescope to organize and scale their patient experience

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In-Person Care

Read why Eve Wellness
chose Tellescope to run their practice

Product Overview

Ready to see Tellescope in action?

Why Tellescope?

Traditional EHRs are designed for in-person visits and not for managing ongoing patient relationships

Most CRMs are not HIPAA-compliant and lack healthcare specific workflows and integrations

Integrating many off the shelf tools or building from scratch is expensive and time-consuming

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Market Map: Digital Health Infrastructure

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