How Tellescope has Improved Isaac Health's Care Coordinator Workflow

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Derek Strauss (COO)
October 19, 2023
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Year Founded: 2021


New York, NY


What is Isaac Health?

Isaac Health is an in-home and virtual memory clinic that works with individuals and health plans to improve the quality and value of care for Alzheimer's and other brain health conditions through population-level screening, diagnosis, and ongoing comprehensive treatment.


What challenge was Isaac Health facing?

Isaac needed a task management and patient communications system to supplement Healthie, their EMR. They wanted to have the ability to automatically generate tasks and consolidate some of the other tools their care coordinators were using for patient engagement. 

  • They had to manually create many different types of tasks, making it challenging and time-consuming to keep track of complex workflows. 
  • Their care coordinators had to juggle many different tools for calling, emailing, and texting which became inefficient and limited scalability. It was challenging to maintain a holistic picture of engagement with each patient.

Evaluation Process

When Isaac was evaluating vendors, what did they notice?

There were limited options for a HIPAA-compliant task management system that integrated with or would be open to integrating with Healthie and that was affordable for a pre-seed start up. Many alternative solutions also focused solely on task management which would require separate tools for texting, calling, or otherwise communicating with patients.

What made Tellescope stand out?

Unlike other tools that focus exclusively on task management, Tellescope integrates patient communications into the task management system in a more comprehensive offering.

Tellescope would not only help Isaac Health implement the task management solution they wanted, but it could also consolidate all of the communication tools their care coordinators were using, creating a one-stop-shop for patient management.

By leveraging Tellescope, Isaac Health care coordinators are now able to have a more complete view of all of the touchpoints they have with a particular patient and any outstanding tasks and due dates.

The ability to integrate with Healthie allows Tellescope to be seamlessly embedded in existing processes by automatically syncing patient information, tasks, and calendar events. Moreover, the Isaac Health team can now send automated messages and generate tasks in Tellescope based on events that happened in Healthie.

Using Tellescope

How has Tellescope impacted the Isaac Health care coordinator experience?

“Tellescope has drastically improved the Isaac Health care coordinator experience because the management of tasks is far more transparent and allows the team to stay organized as they manage the many moving parts associated with caring for Issac’s patients” - Mariya R. (Head of Operations)

  • Since Isaac Health patients tend to be higher touch, having a tool like Tellescope is critical to making sure that important patient follow ups don’t get lost
  • Moreover, Tellescope has increased accountability on the care coordination team by centralizing and creating transparency in patient communications and has allowed their management team to track progress more efficiently and without having to distract the team from their tasks in order to get a status update since all activity is tracked in one place

What has it been like working with the Tellescope team?

  • The Tellescope team is fantastic - they are really bright, understanding, and responsive and delivered on all of the agreed upon deliverables quickly and professionally

“The team really wants their clients to succeed and go above and beyond to help implement workflows that are custom to your business needs and expertly take feedback and prioritize product enhancements as they arise” - Mariya R. (Head of Operations)

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Originally published: June 7, 2023
Last updated: October 19, 2023